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Social Responsibility

In this regard, we have a plan of community development which is executed every year.

Such a program will allow the establishment of enough contacts and relationships with populations of interest groups, organizations of local basis, municipalities, associations, district clubs, unions and others, as well as diverse public and private institutions, in order to establish and formalize the channels of communication and the transmission of information concerning the progress and results of the execution of projects with social interest.

Moreover, we have "La Hora COMARSA" which is a radio station program broadcasted in Angasmarca. During this radio program talks to the populations of both the town and its farm houses are broadcasted to inform about the different help and work carried out by COMARSA for the community’s wellbeing.

Our Social Service workers carry out permanent visits to the farm houses and communities influenced by the mine in order to:

Create and reinforce the understanding among the company, authorities and the population of the towns (farm houses, communities) to strengthen the positive impacts and mitigate the negative ones. Participation of the communities’ representatives in workshops on air and water quality monitoring. Ensure that the identified issues are being resolved and handled within an atmosphere of cordiality and harmony.

We also carry out workshops of participative planning with the mothers of the farm houses surrounding the mine.

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